Blogging: Spring Cleaning for the Mind

It’s interesting… I noticed that when my fiction writing is going well and I’m cranking out a few pages at a time, my blog gathers dust. Of late I’ve been working on a sequel to my first (unsold) novel, and it’s been going very well. My characters are interesting and vibrant, the plot is looking good and the story is flowing well. My blog, on the other hand… well, if Word Press ever comes up with a “cobwebs & dust” theme, my blog will choose it for me.

I tend to blog when I get stuck on my bigger projects, hoping to jar something loose in the creative side of my brain. I used to run for the same reason, but my knees seem to prefer blogging to jogging these days. This week I’m having trouble with some dialog, which is rare for me. So, here I am, feather duster and Lemon Pledge in hand, hoping some elbow grease will translate into literary inspiration.

What do you do when you’re stuck with your writing? Do you write something else, or do you find something completely different to do? Please share.


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