Things for Which I Am Grateful

Well, here we are. Another year has gone by, and the planet spins merrily on.

Things for which I am grateful in the New Year:

 –          My loving wife, Susan

–          My kids, who keep me on my toes

–          My thermal carafe, which keeps my coffee warm all day Saturday (Best Invention Ever!)

–          Time for writing

–          Time for reading

–          Electricity, so I can write and read (You’d be grateful too, if you had lost power for four and a half days after an ice storm.)

–          Libraries

–          Music

–          Michigan State University’s 24-20 win over Stanford in the Rose Bowl


And last, but most definitely not least:

–  A kind and gracious God who has seen fit to leave me on the mortal plane, for a while yet, anyway.




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