Every now and again, I will see something in my world wide web wanderings that pulls me up short. Not “Ooh, I gotta get one of those” short, but more like “what a train wreck” short. Unfortunately, the 2016 Presidential primary cycle is looking like it’s gonna go the train wreck route. Take a look at this little gem from the Sunshine State News:

“Trump is America’s middle finger to the establishment by average middle class Americans.”

Two things jumped out at me regarding the above observation about The Donald. First off, it is apparent that voters are really, really torqued at the Beltway Bandits in Washington, and they will go to great lengths to demonstrate their ire. (Maybe not the best lengths, but that’s another blog entry unto itself.)

Second, the poll response as “middle finger.” I don’t know about you, but when I was a kid, I was told that giving someone the middle finger was a demonstration of immaturity. Certainly not a sign of class at any level.

So, we now find ourselves in a situation where a chunk of the citizenry are protesting Washington’s inability to work and play well with others – a sign of immaturity on a kindergarten report card – with another form of immaturity, the figurative finger, if not a literal one.

It’s the kind of thing that leaves me with a headache when I read the news. One thing is for sure, the primary season won’t be a dull one.


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